Weingut Peter Schweiger is a small, family-owned producer based in the Kamptal region, which along with the Kremstal and Wachau regions is home to Austria’s most famous and highly regarded dry wines. Peter’s eighteen hectares of vineyards are planted to Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Zweigelt, and are farmed sustainably, by hand.

The entry-point Grüner is an accessible introduction to the joys of the variety: classic spicy, mineral flavours tempered by some upfront stone fruit character, and offered at a remarkable price for a Kamptal wine! The Zobinger Heiligenstein comes from the famous “Holy Rock” – Heiligenstein – a unique geological formation dating to the Permian period some 250 to 270 million years ago, comprising an extrusion of desert sandstone with volcanic and carboniferous conglomerates this lends to a more savoury, serious style, with extra layers of spice and concentration, this is impressive stuff. The Terrassen Riesling comes from the celebrated terraces for which Kamptal is famous, but the soil is dominated by slate instead of loess. It combines the typical citrus “cut” of the variety with that unmistakable Austrian ripeness and minerality.

A signature Austrian red grape, Zweigelt gives an amazingly lively, refreshing, juicy wine that is easier tasted than described. Think somewhere between top Côtes-du-Rhône and cru Beaujolais, but with more depth and “gloss”. It’s winningly delicious, and benefits from being served slightly chilled.