Accuro produce ultra premium Malbec, Malbec Cabernet blends and Torrontes from fruit sourced from their high altitude vineyards in the Uco Valley, Mendoza and Cafayate Valley, Salta.

The wine business is collaboration between Carlos Pulenta, his son in-law Fernando Podesta and senior winemaker at Vistalba, Alejandros Canovas.

These are unique wines, the combination of extreme altitude of the sites – 1200m and 1750m respectively for Uco and Cafayate valleys – a soil profile of low fertility glacial and alluvial wash from the Andean Cordillera, scarce rainfall, but well timed spring melt and enormous diurnal temperature difference ensure low yielding fruit of intense flavour, character and physiological ripeness.

The resulting wines exhibit fantastic balance and the reds display a depth and intensity of colour that can only be attributed to their unique Andean derived terroir. The entire end of the Vistalba underground barrel room is glazed exposing the immense paleo- alluvial profile. River rounded gravel, cobbles and boulders in a matrix of loamy sand extend from the surface to six metres depth and beyond. The vine roots push to amazing depths in these gravels chasing the melt waters as they recede into the profile after each thaw. The result; plenty of soil moisture at fruit set then a gradual struggle for these vines through to harvest ensuring intense flavours and low yields.